Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Eli's birthday.

He's 3!  Hard to believe!

The gifts: Superman cape, Spider man and Iron man figures, Joey the magnet doll, jammies and an outfit

We dined on cheese pizza, sausage balls, and strawberries.

And for dessert: Red velvet chocolate cake with....

homemade orange sherbet.  (recipe note: next time add more sugar)



May has been full of birthday parties, Mother's day, Memorial day and we ended it with a special birthday too. Lots of fun, lots of busyness.
The kids bobbing for apples at their friend, Alaska's birthday party.

They also had their faces "painted".

Eli decided that he could fit perfectly in brothers back pack.  (What you can't see is Bryant's arm supporting the backpack.)

Gracie had a field trip to the fire station.  The trip ended with sirens and lights as the fireman headed out to a call just as we were getting ready to leave.

Eli loves playing twister.  We don't even use the spinner, we just shout out crazy combinations until someone falls over.

He also loves dressing up.  This is a cross between Captain America and the Red Power Ranger.

And these disgusting shells belong to the beady red eyed cicadas pictured below.  They decided to make their 17 year appearance this month.  Something I'm kinda glad only happens as this volume every 17 years.  Although the 10 year cicadas are due to show themselves in the next couple of years.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happpy Mother's Day!

God has gifted me with 3 precious children.  And today my husband gifted me for being their mom...
My brush has been slowly falling apart.  Loosing one bristle at a time.  So, I got a new one.

Followed by my favorite body spray: Pink by Victoria Secret.

And a new blow dryer... again, my old one just didn't do what it used to.

A new paper towel holder.  To replace the broken one... are you sensing a pattern.

And my 1st Coach purse.  About time he got me something real instead of just replacing all my used and broken things.

No but, for real.  I really love it.  I love ALL my mother's day gifts!

But most of all.  My 3 beautiful children.  Being a mom isn't always so sweet and rewarding but I wouldn't change it for anything!  Happy Mother's day friends!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nathan's 8th birthday...

And more cake!
I made cupcakes for Nathan's 2nd grad class (but, I forgot to take a picture).  And then cupcakes for his birthday party...

And instead of cupcakes for his birthday at home... I made a Captain America cake.  He kept telling me that he wanted a Skylanders cake... but, honestly HOW does one do that?  Make a portal?  nope.  I just went with Captain America instead.  He was happy.

 But, he did get the Giants Skylanders game.  So, he was definitely NOT disappointed!

Happy Birthday N8!


April started with another birthday for this Treacle tribe.  (It just wasn't this particular little boy.)

Gracie had a paper Chinese dragon in the Art show.  We were rather proud.

Opening Ceremonies of Baseball was mid April.  Nathan is playing machine pitch again this year.  His team is in the Green shirts... The Athletics.

A definite highlight of this month was our Spring Break and the time we spent during it in Indianapolis.  These kids just love each other SO much!

During Spring break we also got to visit this kid at heart... my grandpa.

On the way home Gracie slept a lot... turned out she had strep throat.  Poor thing, missed 2 days of school after spring break.  (But, it did make for  a pleasant ride.)

Gracie's 6th Birthday...

Cupcakes, cupcakes and more cupcakes. 
Gracie celebrated her birthday with her Kindergarten class.

And, then Bryant and I worked hard to make more cupcakes for her birthday party...

THEN, the actual birthday came. Lots of gifts...

Bryant thought that the new doll resembled its' purchaser an awful lot.

And although I had plans of making a Barbie doll cake... by the time her birthday came around I was tired of making anything.  Which resulted in more cupcakes.  Poor girl, I felt like she got the short straw this year.  But, regardless she was a super happy 6 year old.

Happy Birthday Gracie!